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My 24 Day Transformation

Hello readers!

Before and After

There are numerous ways to describe me. I am dedicated, motivated and in most cases; I’m not easily persuaded. Being a career man and an entrepreneur I assess everything, weighing all potential outcomes. I have been approached numerous times regarding opportunities and given reasons as to why I should direct my full attention to these opportunities. Regardless of who approached me, I keep an open ear, open mind, and and open eyes. In this specific scenario, the open eye was very important.


Approximately a year ago, I had a very good friend of mine approach me regarding an opportunity. I listened to what he had to say, and of course having this opportunity passed by my ear numerous times before; I was skeptical. He did not push or pressure me into making a decision. He said that he was confident that the products involved in this opportunity would speak for themselves if I would be inclined to try them myself. In all honesty not only was I skeptical, I was in a dead end job that I was unhappy with. The company that I had created had been struggling to reach a bench mark that I had sought out for months, and I had fallen off the fitness wagon that I had been so dedicated to for years. Needless to say, I was unhappy for numerous reasons. I politely brushed this opportunity off for the time being.

Which leads me to present time. This friend did not approach me again regarding this opportunity. Instead, being that I follow him and have looked up to him for years. He knew that I would be able to see his life begin to flourish.

I was on social media one day and came across his and his wife’s Before/After pictures that they had posted from this challenge that they did. I did not or could not believe my eyes. I was intrigued to say the least. I started flipping through his photos to see this transformation in real-time. I paused for a minute, and said to myself; “I need to call him and see how this works…”

I called him and asked when he would be available to talk about this journey they had been on. He rearranged his schedule and asked if I could meet him the


next day. I brought my fiance, and my daughter and we all went to have lunch. We arrived at the restaurant where him, his wife, and daughter were patiently awaiting our arrival. We walk in and he stands to greet us…. I could not believe my eyes. The pictures did not do them justice. The whole family looked amazing! I quickly took my seat and gave him my full attention.

This guy had under gone an entire transformation. I had to know how he did it. I told him that I had a new job that was treating me the way I should be treated and I was ready to pursue this opportunity. Let’s take a step back for a second. One of the main reasons I reached out to him is because everything that was sub par in my life, was flourishing in his. The results and fitness goals I wanted, he was reaching and exceeding them. Which lead me to my “Need to know” attitude.

Shortly into the lunch we started discussing how they came upon this journey and how it has benefited them. This was all extremely interesting to me, but my primary interest was “How do I get rid of this dad bod, and get back into the fitness physique that I used to have?” Finally he laid it on me… He asked me “Have you heard of this 24 Day Challenge?” I replied “No… I have not, what is it?” He pulled out this pamphlet and showed me what it entailed and how it would benefit us. I took a look at the guide and it all seemed really simple, so once again, I was skeptical. However, he harbored results. For me, that was the key! I took a blind leap into this with hopes that I could get that fitness spark to light the fire inside me once again.

So we decided to do it. We signed up for this opportunity and dug into this 24 Day Challenge. My as a fitness guru, I did not believe that I could turn things around so quickly and still have the energy to run my company, work a full time job, and spend time with my family. Advocare has helped me believe in the impossible.